Please note: Due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, our current lead time is approx. 6-8 weeks. We hope you understand and we look forward to getting back to normal in the near future!

French Curved Iron Rod - Round Flange


Key Features:

  • Four diameter options
  • Three standard finish options
  • Top quality iron rod made to order. Choose standard sizes or go custom for no additional cost.
  • Rod curves back towards wall on either end for a stylish finish.
  • Creates a beautiful high quality finished look to your windows
  • Sold by the foot.


Enjoy the streamlined look of our French Curved Iron Rods and ditch the need for finials and brackets.

Rod Lengths are from the outside of the left wall flange to the outside of the right flange and do not include the curved portion that returns to the wall. When ordering, please consider this when choosing your length. The flange extends 1/2" past the curve on either side. 

Rod Diameters:
3/4" dia
1" dia
1 1/2" dia
2" dia

Finish Options:
Light Brown
Dark Brown

Span capabilities:
3/4" dia - spans up to 55" without a support bracket
1" dia - spans up to 60" without a support bracket
1 1/4" dia - spans up to 75" without a support bracket
1 1/2" dia - spans up to 90" without a support bracket 

*** Please note that given the hand made nature of our iron rods, there may be some occasional minor imperfections in the hand painted finish. The french curve is made by bending the iron and therefore might vary slightly in smoothness on the inner portion of the curve. This does not happen often but in the event that it does, this is an acceptable variance. 

Need a support bracket? We recommend this one:

Length options:
Our rods are listed by the foot but they can also be made to reach any width you need. If you need a specific size, please get in touch for a custom order (at no additional cost) or purchase the closest size above the length you need and place your length notes in the Notes section during checkout. Rods will be made to the exact specification listed. 

Any rods longer than 94" will come in two pieces and a splice will need to be added to your order. Please contact us for a custom order to accommodate this. Our splices are interior, not seen on the outside of the rod and sit inside a support bracket.


Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery as all items are made to order.