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1. How long will it take for my order to ship?
This depends on the items that you purchased. Below are approximate lead time for each type of item:

Draperies - currently 4-5 weeks (unless you purchased rush which is 2-3 weeks)

Pillows - 3-5 days

Furniture - 2-3 weeks

Dog Beds - 1-2 weeks

Hardware - 4 weeks

2. What shipping service will my items come? 
Draperies and dog beds ship fedex ground (anywhere from 2-7 days depending on location)

Pillows ship usps priority mail (2-3 days) 

Furniture ships fedex ground (usually, but depends on location)

Hardware ships fedex ground

3. Where does my order ship from?
All orders are shipped from our shop in Camden, South Carolina. Big shout out to Mike, our fedex man, for religiously dropping by each day to pick up our daily shipments <3 

4. Why do draperies take 4-5 weeks to ship? 
Our draperies are custom made to order meaning we make them completely from scratch to fit your needs. We are a small workroom dedicated to providing the highest quality products so everything is made by hand and we focus our complete attention to your order when we make it. Because of this, more time is needed to get everything created just for you :) 



1. What fabric content are your solid draperies made from?
A linen blend. The fabric has a beautiful weight to it.

2. Can I order custom colors?
Unfortunately we only offer our particular linen fabric in the colors shown in the swatch photo. But if you are in need of a specific color, please get in touch! We are happy to work with your fabric or help find one that will suit your needs.

3. Can I use my own fabric?
Absolutely! We offer that option here: 


4. What is the shipping address to have my fabric sent to you?
Martha & Ash
c/o: (your name here)
533 Rutledge St.
Camden, SC 29020

Please include your name on the package so that we can identify it when it arrives.

5. How do I order samples? How big will they be?
Please contact us at info@marthaandash.com with your first and last name, address, and the specific colors you'd like to see. They will come in a 2" dia circle.

6. Will my linen color sample match my actual draperies?
Our color samples do not necessarily come from the same dye lot as the fabric used to make your draperies but should there be a noticeable enough difference, we reserve the right to make that call. 

7. If I order panels with a specific pattern, will the pair match each other in terms of placement of the pattern? 
Yes, we will make the draperies so that the pattern starts in the same location on each panel.

8. What about wider drapes? Will the pattern be matched in the seams?
Absolutely. You might not even notice the seam based on how well we match the pattern.



1. Can my drapes be dry cleaned?
NO! We can't stress enough that dry cleaning draperies is a big no-no. Not only do you run the risk of shrinking but also dry cleaners just throw the drapes into a big barrel and tumble them around which skews the draperies badly and will make them never hang properly again. We only recommend shaking them out periodically or if you have a local on-site drapery cleaner in your area, give them a call to dry clean them at your home. Martha & Ash cannot be held responsible for what may happen to your draperies if you choose to clean them. 

2. Can my pillow cover be washed in the washing machine?
Since all fabrics are unique to eachother, we cannot say that machine washing your covers is ok. We recommend taking them to your cleaners and have them make that call. Most of our fabrics are rated dry cleanable but there are a few that may not be suitable. 

3. Help! The colors ran on my dog bed cover!
The dog bed covers can ONLY BE WASHED IN COLD WATER and then laid flat to dry as stated within the listing. We have tested our fabrics over and over and the only time the fabric has ever run is when we washed it on warm or hot. Due to this, Martha & Ash is not responsible for mis-care of your washing techniques on your bed. 

4. My dog thought his dog bed was a fire hydrant. Can I wash the insert?
Yes, the inserts are washable on COLD ONLY and laid out to dry. Wash separately. DO NOT DRY IN DRYER.