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Fish Roman Shade


**PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM. All shades will need to be placed as custom orders with calculated shipping to your particular location. Thanks! **


Fun and stylish fish swim across this beautiful roman shade. Our shades are made to the highest quality with all pleats hand knotted. We line each of our shades with blackout lining. They will come mounted on a board ready for easy installation.


An example of cost for this particular shade:

A 24"W x 36"L shade is $168.


We make this item to order to fit your specific measurements so detailed below is how to get the best measurement for your window.


Outside Mount (if the shade will mount above the window trim and cover the trim on the sides of the window.)

1. From where you plan the top of the shade to mount, measure down from this point to your window sill. This is your length.

2. However wide you'd like the shade to be, measure from this point across your window to the other point. With an outside mounted shade, typically the shade covers about 1" past your trim to ensure the trim doesn't peek out the sides of the shade.


Inside Mount (if the shad will mount inside your window and not cover your window trim.)

1. Measure from the top of the window (up to the bottom of the shade) to your window sill. This is your length.

2. Measure from side to side, from the inside of your trim to the inside of your trim on the other side. This is your width.



We made our shades with cord locks that function just like a standard blind. You pull the cord down and then pull right to lock it in place and pull the cord left to release. Two pleats will retain in the shade so that the shade doesn't unfold completely flat when lowered. Please see the last photo for an example of this.



Blackout lining is standard in all of our shades to ensure the best look and prevent the sunlight from shining through the fabric. If you would prefer cotton lining please let us know.



Interlining is not included in our standard costs but can be added to our shades. interlining provides an additional insulating factor to your windows and gives the shade a more thick and plush feel.


For a custom quote, please get in touch with us by clicking the "Get In Touch" green button to the right bottom corner of our site or by emailing us at info@marthaandash.com.


If you'd prefer a different fabric, please let us know! The sky is the limit.