Bench Seat Cushions

Bench each seat cushions are here! Since no bench seat or banquet is the same, we make each one to order to fit your space exactly. Read more below for more information on options.

Also to note, the photo to the left was taken of an order packed up and ready to deliver. So not to worry, we'll leave the plastic cover look to your grand-mother ;).

How to measure for a cushion


This detail includes the size of the cushion on it's longest part. Measure from left to right where the cushion needs to be.


The width (or depth) of your cushion is the measurement of the shortest side of your cushion. Essentially, from front to back.


The thickness refers to how tall your cushion needs to be. Ideally, a standard cushion is 3" but there are thinner and thicker options based on your needs.

Next: Choose Your Edge

Choose between a knife edge (where your fabrics meet with a seam) or a corded edge that includes a cording covered in your choice of fabric (either same as your cushion cover or in a contrasting color).

Ready to get started on your custom bench cushion?

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