Custom Roman Shade Quote

Our shades are made completely by hand (even down to assembling the mechanism) here in our shop in South Carolina. Chances are if you're here, you appreciate that concept. No detail goes missed in fabrication and we strive to deliver the best quality shade at the best possible pricing for your budget.

That said, we've include key information below to help you get started on your project including different styles, how to measure and fabric/trim options. You'll also see a form to fill out to get a shade quote to you. We can't wait to hear about your project.

Note: Our shade located in the photo to the right is a shade we made for the Country Living Test Kitchen using their own fabric. It features an inside mount with cotton lining.

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Fabric and other options:

Your options include either using one of our fabrics or using your own (YES! We work with your fabric as well! Woohoo!) We have a wide range of color options in our linen collection as well as select patterns. Or, if you'd prefer to use your own, we happily use your fabric as well by having you just ship it directly to us from any online source you choose to buy your fabric from.

How should it function?

Choose from three functionalities: Cord Lock, Continuous Loop and Cordless.

Each shade's functionality is built by hand and which you choose is based on your preferred method of raising and lowering as well as, frankly, budget. We've detailed below each option:

1. Cord Lock: .75" (outside mount) / 1.5" (inside mount)
The standard method of operating a roman shade that works just like a blind. The pull cord is pulled to raise and lower and locks and unlocks by angling cord left and right. This functionality projects: 

Outside Mount: .75" -- meaning the shade will hang .75" from the wall. The shade will mount above your window trim on the wall and most if not all of the .75" side gap will be taken up by your window trim. 

Inside Mount: The shade will mount inside your window and need 1.5" of depth. If there isn't 1.5" of depth, the shade will project from your window 1.5" minus the amount of depth you have. For instance, if you have 1" of depth for the shade, it will project .5" out from your window. 

2. Continuous Loop: 1.25" Projection

This style operations on a beaded chain that when pulled down on the front or back of the loop raises and lowers and auto locks into place. The bottom of the beaded chain can be anchored into place at base of window. This functionality projects: 1.25". 

3. Cordless: 2.5" projection

The cleanest look of the bunch with no cord visible anywhere. The shade is raised and lowered by pulling down on a loop behind the bottom of the shade. Ideal for inside mounted shades or a modified outside shade (due to projection). This shade comes on the largest sized board so it's important to ensure you have atleast 2.5" of depth inside your window to mount your shade. If outside mounting onto your wall, this shade will have a 2.5" light gap on the side of the shade which can be avoided by dropping the shade off the backside of the board and adding a small valance to hide the mechanism. This must be requested to be added to your order details.


Measuring your window

Final and most important step is accurately measuring your space. Follow the below diagram based on how you plan to mount your shade: Inside (nestled within the window frame) or Outside (covering your window frame/trim).

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