How many rings does your order need?

We're always here to answer this question for your specific order but if you need this information on the fly, check out the info below. Note that this is based on pleat style and is PER panel:

Single Width -- 8
1.5 Widths -- 12
Double Width -- 16
2.5 Widths -- 20
Triple Width -- 24

Single Width -- 5
1.5 Widths -- 7
Double Width -- 10
2.5 Widths -- 12
Triple Width -- 15

*Important Note*
If your drapery panels include a decorative trim on the leading edge, add one ring per panel.

*These requirements are PER panel. For example, if you will be utilizing two panels (a pair), then you will need to double your ring needs.

NOTE: If you believe you've found yourself short on rings and feel like you needed one extra per panel, please watch the below video!

That last hook on the outer side of each panel actually attaches to the wall, not on a ring. This is a very important and simple last step to finish off your draperies properly on the sides. Your eyelets are included in your package so be sure not to throw them away.