Shipping Information

 Order Status

Question about your order status? Send us a message with your order information and we'll get right back to you with the status.

You can contact us by clicking the "Get In Touch" button at the bottom right of the screen or email us at

How We Ship

Draperies: Fedex Ground. 
Draperies come wrapped in paper and plastic, and packed in a sturdy box for the safety of your order along it's shipping journey. 

Pillows: USPS Priority. 
Pillows come in a weather proof priority envelope.

Hardware: Fedex or UPS

*Tracking information is emailed to you when your order is boxed and ready to ship out. This will come via an email notification to the email address provided during checkout.

Need to ship something to us?

We now have two locations (so exciting!), so make sure to shoot us a message to confirm which location will be fabricating your order before you head to the post office!