m&a x A Glass of Bovino

A dream collaboration with Alisa Bovino in her beautiful home. Pairing this classic pattern in our custom draperies is the perfect addition to her vision for her project. Add in our iron hardware in gold to set them in place and well... pinch us.

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Alisa's Details

Pinch Pleat

Our pinch pleat is a french pleat tacked at the bottom. Alisa's panels will have what's called a "three finger" pinch pleat where there will be three folds in each pleat versus the two you see in the photo above.

For more info on width capabilities and styles, please visit here.


Alisa's draperies function here which was important in her space so we helped with sizing based on her measurements so that these could be used for room darkening. Whether you're using these just for looks or to pull closed, sizing is one of the most important parts to get right and we're always here to help you.

Blackout Lining

Our blackout completely blocks light from shining through drapery panels. When in doubt, we always recommend it whether you truly need light blocking or not. In our opinion, it just makes draperies look their best. (To note: our blackout is white in color as seen above)

A note on sizing

Alisa's slider door called for extra wide draperies (2.5 widths) which required a little under 19 yds of fabric and 6 yds of trim. That said, draperies require very different amounts of fabric based on your specific sizing so it's important to reach out to us to confirm yardage needs for your specific project. And as always, we're happy to provide the fabric and trim with your project quote.

the hardware

Our iron hardware in gold will hang these beauties and with it's wide span capabilities, it will span her door opening with only one center support. It's made to order in the US to fit your space *perfectly*.

What Alisa used:

  • Diameter -- 1"
  • Style -- Straight Rod
  • Finials -- Button End Cap
  • Brackets -- Standard style
  • Rings -- quantity based on sizing
  • Finish: Gold

For more styles and finishes in our hardware, please visit here.