Dressing out your panels

One of the MOST important parts of adding draperies to your home is installing them and dressing them out properly. We can't stress this enough! You can have the best draperies possible (ours, of course) but if you don't take the time to make them hang well, they absolutely will not live up to their potential visually. Because of that, we've whipped up some quick tutorial videos below to help you make them magazine worthy (swoon). Choose which pleat style your panels have and press play.

First thing, first: Hang your panel.

At this point, likely you have your rod installed. You'll need to hang your panel on your rod using your rings and the drapery pins provided in the back of the panel. See below for a quick example:


Next, choose the pleat style your panels have:
Knife Pleat

This pleat style hands on drapery rings that have eyelets/loops attached to them. You'll hook your drapery pins (included in the back of your panel) into the rings and then follow the steps in the below video to create the modern folded style pleat.

Euro Pleat / Pinch Pleat

This pleat also hangs on eyelets/loops attached to them using drapery pins that are included in the back of your panel. Once you've hung the panel on the rod via the rings, follow the steps in the below video.


Lastly, add your return sides.

Your draperies come with eyelet screws attached to your tips sheet in your box. You'll need these so don't throw them away. The below video details how you install this part. It makes a HUGE difference in your panels to utilize this feature of your panels, eliminating a light gap on the side of your window. This is specially important in bedrooms but also gives your panels a high end look.

If you find yourself short on rings and feel like you needed one extra per panel, please watch the above video! The last hook on the outer side of each panel actually attaches to the wall, not on a ring. This is a very important and simple last step to finish off your draperies properly on the sides. Your eyelets are included in your package so be sure not to throw them away.  

For more info on ring requirements based on your pleat style and width, please visit the following link: Ring Requirements.

Alright! That's it! You're all set.